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Dear Sabbatical: Entry 6

Dear Sabbatical,

I’m smarter than you. At least, I am when I’m not thoroughly pissed off. I figured out what all that beeping racket was about last night. It’s apparently a “safety” feature. The battery on the trailer was low (11 volts), so the temperature control unit was alerting that it couldn’t function properly. Since everything runs on 12 volts, that makes sense. Really, 12 volt nomenclature is misleading but 11 volts is far too low. Even my 12 volt laptop charger won’t work below 12.2 volts.

Which just points out another reason this trip was doomed from the start. The company I bought the trailer from was supposed to wire up Mango with a 7-pin trailer connection, because they were also going to install a brake controller. The day we scheduled that to happen was also their first busy day of the season, so they “suggested” just installing a trailer-mounted brake controller that would use signals from the existing 4-wire harness. That sounded fine, in theory. But one key feature of the 7-pin connector is that it also CHARGES the trailer battery while driving. So last night’s mishap wouldn’t have happened if the original plan was in place, and the trailer charged all day while I was driving.

So fine. In reality, even this was kind of part of the plan. I wouldn’t have been driving ALL the time, so there’s a back-up to charging the trailer. I’ve got a solar panel, and even a real generator, just in case. The generator is a lot of hassle to just use for a little while, so solar panel it is. That does mean it takes longer to charge up, but maybe that’s not so bad. I’m not parked where I wanted to, but I’m burning more time in Canada so I’m basically getting paid for it. While the solar panel soaks up the Canadian sunlight, I’m inside catching up on more of those books I’ve talked so much about. Maybe I’ll take a nap, too.

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