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Dear Sabbatical: Entry 8

Dear Sabbatical,

It’s officially over. Well, the road trip part of you. After 6,298 miles I’m back home. You threw a ton of horrible obstacles in my way. You took what was supposed to be a fun and quiet time and made it resemble nothing of the sort. But that’s fine. I survived and now I’m at home, where I get to spend two full weeks doing all the things I was supposed to do in Canada. Well, all that plus fixing those problems you threw at me. A few couldn’t be fixed on the road, but now I have my garage so nothing is off limits.

Part of my dilemma now is determining who I tell about my early return to the country. The fewer people that I tell, the easier it is to remain a hermit and not go into public. However, since I’m back, there are some public things that I might like to do. Which means telling those people, which spreads the knowledge around.

But for now, I’m unpacking the Mango and the trailer. Both of which still need a good wash. Maybe that’s a good task for the middle of this week.

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