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Dear Sabbatical: Entry 4

Dear Sabbatical,

I don’t know how you did it, but you managed to make today even worse. After a long day’s drive, I’m parked for the evening. (Driving with one headlight is a bad idea, donchaknow!) Since I’m not fully tired, I’m sitting here reading some of the books I’m supposed to be reading by a lake somewhere. A few chapters in and all of a sudden this very loud beeping sound is coming from the front of my trailer. It sounded like the smoke detector, so I pull the battery out of it. What good is a detector if nothing in here works, anyway? That doesn’t kill the beeping sound, so I shut down every breaker in the electrical panel. Still.. beeping. The only thing left alive is the temperature control unit, which seems to be hardwired to the battery. So, battery disconnect switch it is.

Finally, the beeping is gone. But so is all the power. This means I don’t have lights for the night. Or the ability to charge my cellphone and watch. Neither are super necessary, but I’ve grown accustomed to having them fully charged in the mornings so tomorrow is not going to start on the most cheerful of notes. Tomorrow I’ll deal with WHY the beeping started in the first place. I can’t handle any more of anything today.

I knew this day wouldn’t leave it’s vacuous sucking within its calendar walls. Tomorrow gets to blow, too!

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