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Dear Sabbatical: Entry 5

Dear Sabbatical,

I hate you. We’re through.

That’s right. At 8am today, I had enough. I stopped after a few hours of driving for a piss and some pictures. Walking back to the rig I was doing my once-over review and realized a headlight was out. A $400 headlight. These aren’t supposed to go out (which is why I was fine paying $800 for the pair). That was the straw that broke Mango’s back. Yesterday a rock kicked up by a semi shattered the center of the windshield. Dead center. Well, 3 inches to the left of center, but who’s counting besides me?

So that’s it. At 8am this morning I cancelled whatever instruction the GPS had and pushed the “take me home” button. (Yes, it really has that button.) I no longer care how much reimbursement money I can get if I sit out here and do nothing. I’ve already sunk what I’ve paid for supplies, but most of those can still be used around home. Fuel cost is going to be the biggest factor here, but I can manage that. The new, unforeseen expenses are the new windshield and headlight. But I’m more worried about the time it’s going to take to do the work to replace those. By heading home now I should have about 2 weeks before work starts up again. I’ll be able to use that time to give the Mango a once over and get repairs figured out.

Mango really isn’t designed for this kind of a trip, at least not hauling what he is. There were days when he didn’t get out of 3rd or 4th gear because of the mountains, and he really didn’t like that. He’s done an admirable job trying to keep up so far, but it needs to just be over. So I’m taking him home and letting him rest. I’m sure I’ll find time to rest as well.

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