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Dear Sabbatical: Entry 7

Dear Sabbatical,

I’m in Winnipeg. Spitting distance, really, from home. Given a final big push, I’m sure I could be home tomorrow night. I’ve been getting up around 6am most days, so an early start could be arranged. Now that I’ve calmed down for a few days (although things are still attempting to rile me back up), I’m considering whether I want to burn some more days “in country” to rack up reimbursement money. The problem is that I’m limping along already. The solar charging didn’t charge the batteries enough, so last night the beeping returned around midnight. The on-board water is still empty, so that’s still miserable. I’m south enough now that it’s hot and humid during the day, so without power the warmth is not fun. One thing I hadn’t counted on as much as I should have is just how crappy the bed in this trailer is. On a whim, I even got one of those memory foam topper things, but it still isn’t enough. Being back home with my nice, real bed would be a good way to end this misery.

I think it’s time to just pack it in and call it what it is: over. A sabbatical is supposed to be a fun time, full of adventure and exploration. My adventure was cut short because of reasons, and it’s no longer fun. Why prolong this suffering when I can just be at home?

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