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Most of the fun is pretending you know what the hell you’re doing

“Miniature golf, like billiards, is a game of angles. And, like billiards, most of the fun is in pretending you know what the hell you’re doing. The worse you do, the more you have to laugh.”

–Victor LaValle

I have to admit, I sorta forgot that I wanted to post in here more often. Until earlier this week when I got a phone call from someone at work and was told about how he overheard someone in line for coffee that morning talking about how this has gone dormant. I didn’t even know I had people who still read this, so I guess that’s fun. So, to those 3 of you still following along, I’m sorry for the hiatus. I would say that I’ll work on being better, but we all know that’s mostly a lie.

As for current events, I guess a lot has happened since we last spoke. Umm, let’s see… I bought a chainsaw this summer and have been choppin’ trees wherever I can find. I’m spending a bunch of time at a buddy’s house helping him with maintenance work on the trees he has at the new place. I even brought the chainsaw with me to Thanksgiving this week so I’m spending time down in the woods tomorrow after shopping to see if I can slab up a few freshly fallen trees. I’m not at all certain what I’m going to be able to do, but it’s going to be fun no matter what. I walked through the woods this afternoon just to see what was out there and there’s a HUGE Ash tree that fell and would be amazing to get some pieces from it. Half way through planing out the cuts I remembered that we have a tractor here so I can move it around a bit, as needed. That is SOOO much easier than just having to cut it where it lies and hope you don’t kill yourself. You know, those small details in life that are kind of important.

The title lead-in was a subtle hint to another event: I joined a pool league this year. I found my old cues from when I last played in Fort Wayne (over a decade ago) and they were still in pretty decent shape. I didn’t really like them as much anymore, though, so I bought new playing and break cues. They’re alright, not wonderful, so maybe they will get replaced in another decade. Haha. Amazingly, even though it’s been a decade since I played regularly, I feel like I’m getting back into the swing of it pretty well. I’m not doing super wonderfully, but I’m averaging fairly alright.

The basement workshop is nearing completion. (Can a woodworker’s workshop ever really be complete?). All the walls are up and covered, the ceiling is done, the door is in (though not quite perfect), and dust collection is being plumbed on the ceiling. I’m at the stage now where I need to build my workbench and some more shelves/storage solutions. Turns out, a plain box of a room isn’t the ideal place to store your tools. You gotta have CUBBIES! Or at least, some shelves under tables. I have the plans done, so now it’s just a matter of getting a bunch of material and going to town. Part of my hesitation is that I think I want to change the design a little bit in a way that requires a jointer. And I don’t have a jointer, so that means I would have to buy one. And if I’m going to buy one, I should get a nice one that I’m going to like. So now I’m spending a ton of free time trying to find the perfect jointer when I could just be building “good enough” and moving on. ….. But I *DO* like me some new tools. So we all know what I’m going to do now.

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